Presentation of the association


Concerned with the development of their region and their country, a multidisciplinary team of people in the Colca Valley, Peru, came together in 2004 to create a tourism association of conviviality, which has since greatly expanded. Assuming that the economic and political emergence of a country must come from the actions of its inhabitants, the members have relied on local, sustainable and inclusive development in their region. This has allowed the establishment of relations of trust and cooperation with populations, which are at the foundation of the progresses in the improvement of their living conditions.
Asdeturconv-colca has as main objectives:
  • Develop  alternative and sustainable tourism
  • Assist the development of local initiatives
  • Promote of youth
  • Improve the academic quality at all levels of education
  • Protect and enhance the environment and heritage of the region
  • Create and foster cultural and educational



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